Alliance Partner Program

Recognizing and supporting business relationships complementary to TelcoBridges products

Program Terms and Conditions

No complex legal terms and conditions, just some simple rules that make working together possible:

The partner and TelcoBridges commit to the following:

  • To support and foster new opportunities in a positive relationship
  • The partnership is not a resale agreement and that the partner and TelcoBridges continue to be responsible for their own sales efforts
  • To appoint business and technical points-of-contacts
  • To provide company logos and description along with permission to use on the respective web properties
  • To collaborate in order to verify, document and maintain interoperability between their respective software solutions
  • To participate in regular business and technical reviews, working to close new business
  • To resolve disputes through arbitration
  • To give reasonable notice upon withdrawal from the program

Simple enough?  Let’s get to work!