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ProSBC / FreeSBC Performance

(1) As tested on TelcoBridges-installed Vmware 6.5.0 executing on Dell R610 (3.07GHz), VM with 6 vCPUs, 8GB RAM and PCI-Passthrough access to one Intel X540-AT2 (10GE) copper interface.

(2) As tested on TelcoBridges-installed ‘OpenStack Newton’ executing on Dell R610 (2.93GHz), Instance with 6 vCPUs (directly pinned to pCPUs), 16GB RAM and SR-IOV access to one Intel X710DA-2 (10GE) SFP+ optical interface.

(3) As tested on Dell R630 (3.4 Ghz), 24GB RAM

(4) On D16s_v3

(5) With one contact per address-of-record (AOR)

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TB Academy

TelcoBridges training program ensures that you are self-sufficient in maintaining your system, and that our partners are always ready and able to assist you.


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TelcoBridges Product Documentation

TB Analytics Datasheet

TB Analytics Datasheet

Improve the Efficiency of your Network using TelcoBridges TB analytics tools

TelcoBridges’ TB analytics tools are a group of diagnostic and traffic monitoring tools you can use to better manage and improve your entire network. TB analytics includes the following:

  • Call trace
  • Test call
  • TB Sigtrace – Signaling Capture
  • Targeted recording
  • System snapshot

TB Analytics simplifies customer support operations, accelerates deployments, speeds-up problem analysis and resolution to minimize downtime and eliminates the need to purchase network analysers and other test tools.

Call Trace

Traces current and past calls through the system. It provides on-screen ladder diagrams, using the TelcoBridges Web Portal interface, with visibility into:

  • incoming/outgoing call parameters and signaling messages
  • routing decision
  • parameters selected for each call such as SIP SDP, for example
  • selected trunk and timeslot for TDM protocols
  • termination cause codes
  • and more

Call history can be searched according to called/calling number, Network Access Point (NAP), date and time, protocol and direction.

Test Call

The Test Call tool simulates incoming calls and issues outgoing calls using the TelcoBridges Web Portal interface. This will generate a real call on the network with the ability to play a tone or audio file to test the media path as well.

Gone are the days of having to coordinate test calls with multiple parties. Now a single technician can do it all himself thanks to TelcoBridges’ exclusive Test Call tool.

TB Sigtrace – Signaling Capture

This tool allows you to capture and analyze the signaling messages for any protocol supported by TelcoBridges, allowing you to easily diagnose signaling and accelerate troubleshooting of your network.

TB sigtrace enables you to do a live WiresharkTM capture on your network, providing visibility into your network from your desktop.

Targeted Recording

This tool allows you to record the audio for specific calls.  Targeted Recording will automatically record to disk the media for specific calling/called telephone numbers. Possible uses include:

  • Voice/line quality control
  • Fax quality analysis
  • Lawful interception
  • Media path troubleshooting

The recorded audio file can be retrieved using the Web Portal for offline analysis or for your enjoyment 🙂

System Snapshot

This tool is used to gather essential information about the gateway.

The tool will allow you to easily obtain the following information:

  • System logs
  • Gateway configuration database
  • Hardware status

Download Center

TB Academy

TB Academy is TelcoBridges Training School

It is divided into 2 programs, Each with their own unique goals, and objectives on which to focus on.

  • A Partner Program, Focusing on helping our partner better understand our products and their strengths,
  • A Technical Program, Focusing on operating, and supporting deployed products.

Each course comes with its own training material, and upon graduation, a participation certificate.

TB Support

TB Support

The TB Support Program is a customisable support program that provides you with expert services and support that you need.

The TB Support Standard program is already included with all of our paid products.

Should you require additional services or coverage you can take a look at TB Support “À la Carte”. TB Support “à la Carte” offers additional services and coverage that can be individually added to our TB Support Standard program allowing you to customise your own program.

TB Support Standard

TB Support Standard is available to all of our clients, without restriction, and it is FREE of charge!

You have unlimited access to:

TB Support “À la Carte”

Available to our clients, TB Support “À la Carte” allows you to add additional support services to our TB Suport Standard. The additional services you can add are:

For the pricing of each TB Support “À la Carte” item please contact your TelcoBridges sales representative.

9 to 5 Support

  • Bank (5 hours)
  • Monday-Friday. Standard response time: 4 hours

When you purchase one of TelcoBridges Support Banks you acquire peace of mind. Applicable for: remote installs, telephone, email, and online (Skype/MSN) support, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 EST time and HKT, excluding recognized holidays.

Our support widget on the left shows you which support center is currently active.

If you are looking for a larger 9 to 5 support package, you should consider the following…

Value packages Hours
9 to 5 Support Bank 25
9 to 5 Support Bank 50

24/7 Support

  • Bank (5 hours)
  • Standard response time: 4 hours

We are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This support bank guarantees you support when you need it. Applicable for remote installs, telephone, email, and online (skype/MSN) support.

If you are looking for a larger 24/7 support package, you should consider the following…

Value packages Hours
24/7 Support Bank 25
24/7 Support Bank 50

Remote installation

2.5 hours

We will help you remotely install your TelcoBridges product and get you up and running fast.

Onsite training / Onsite install

A member of TelcoBridges Technical Support Team will come to your location for two days, for the purposes of either providing onsite training or onsite install.


Exclusive to our Partners

TB Support Alliance

As a Certified TelcoBridges partner you may qualify for our exclusive TB Support Alliance program.

With TB Support Alliance our standard 24/7 responce time can be as fast as 60 minutes.


If you would like to become a telcobridges partner take a look at our become a partner webpage.

If you are already a TelcoBridges Partner and would like to know more about TB Support Alliance please Contact your TelcoBridges advisor.