TB Academy Technical Training Program – Las Vegas

Las Vegas August 2014 – TB Academy Technical Training

August 12, Gold Coast Hotel & Casino


On Tuesday, August 12, TelcoBridges is organizing a 1-day TB Academy Technical training event. This event will help you to to leverage the TB Analytics and Routing capabilities of the Tmedia VoIP Gateway, enabling you to get the most out of your investment.


This TB Academy event is tailored for VoIP engineers, installation technicians, commissioning specialists, and Network Operation Center (NOC)  operators experienced in using our Tmedia gateways.


Agenda/Topics Covered:

Efficient Network Troubleshooting:

The morning section presents TB Analytics – the industry’s most powerful Network Troubleshooting suite.  These invaluable tools help you to understand and quickly troubleshoot problems in your network, enabling you to accelerate the deployment of new solutions.  Capabilities discussed include:

  • Call Trace
  • Test Call
  • TB Sigtrace
  • Targeted Recording


Routing Capabilities:

The afternoon section presents the routing capabilities of the Tmedia VoIP Gateways. From static routing to routing scripts, attendees will learn how TelcoBridges’ gateways can implement any routing behavior. This knowledge will enable you to modify your calls, access external applications to make decisions on each call, and more.  This training is a must have for engineers who want to get the most out of their TelcoBridges’ gateways.

TB Academy Trainers:

TelcoBridges Trainers for this event include:


Martin  TB Academy trainer photo

Martin Provencher,

TB Academy Trainer

Product Line Manager


Candy TB Academy Trainer Photo

Marc St-Onge,

Director Sales Support



When: August 12th

Time: 9:00 – 17:00


Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

4000 W. Flamingo Rd,
Las Vegas, NV



To register, simply fill in the form on the right, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.