TB Academy Technical Training Program – Singapore

Singapore June 2014 – TB Academy Technical Training Program

June 23-25, Seminar Room LLP, Heritage Place #02-08


After two years of successful TB Academy events, we’ve expanded the technical sessions to three days, in order to provide Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced curriculum that meets the specific needs of our attendees.


The primary goal of the TB Academy Technical Training Program is to make attendees self-sufficient with our Tmedia gateways, and the secondary goal is to introduce attendees to the TelcoBridges team.


Hosted on Monday-Wednesday following CommunicAsia 2014, this event is tailored to Telecommunication Network and Solution architect, Installation Specialists, Commissioning Specialists, and (Network Operation Center) NOC specialists. who currently work with Tmedia gateways.  It will help you reduce the time-to-market for your solutions, by accelerating the configuration of the units and also by teaching you how to efficiently troubleshoot the network using TB Analytics.


The course is separated in half-day seminars, so that attendees can select the section that is most appropriate for them.

Agenda/Topics Covered:


Day 1 – June 23rd – Beginner


Morning (general introduction)


The training begins with a welcome from the TB Academy trainers and an overview of the agenda.


Product Overview:

We’ll provide an overview of the product portfolio before diving down into the features and capabilities.


Network Architecture:

We’ll help you understand where Tmedia gateways fit into your network, and by providing specific, real-world examples of how they’re best used, we’ll help you see what you can achieve.


Afternoon (Configuration introduction)

Basic Configuration:

In this section, we will present WebOAMP – the configuration interface.  We’ll discuss how it works; how to configure different elements in the system; and we’ll explain the logic behind a TelcoBridges’ configuration.


Basic Routing Course:

This section will present static routing.  We’ll see the standard routing scheme of the gateways, teaching attendees how it works, and covering the best ways to configure it.


Day 2 – June 24th – Intermediate:


Morning (Architecture)

Hardware Installation:

This section will present how to physically install and connect the different Tmedia gateways.


Tmedia Architecture and Redundancy Scheme:

This section brings attendees inside the inner workings of the gateways.  It will help you understand the internal design, and learn how to achieve redundancy in different scenarios.


SS7 Architecture:

Tmedia has an internal ISUP stack.  It also shares the MTP3 layer.  This adds a lot of potential for your network, and this section will explain how it all works together, so that you can obtain the best performance.


Afternoon (Troubleshooting)

Efficient Network Troubleshooting:

This section presents TB Analytics – the industry’s most powerful Network Troubleshooting Suite.  These invaluable tools help you understand and quickly troubleshoot problems in your network to accelerate the deployment of new solutions.  Capabilities discussed include:

  • Call Trace
  • Test Call
  • TB Sigtrace
  • Targeted Recording

Day 3 June 25th – Advanced:


Morning (Scripts)

Routing Scripts:

On Monday afternoon we covered static routing, which is somewhat limited in term of flexibility.  In this session, we’ll show you how to remove these limitations, using Routing Scripts instead of static routing.  Routing Scripts can facilitate any routing behavior; enabling you to modify your calls; access external applications to make decisions on each call, and more.  This training is a must have for engineers who want to get the most out of TelcoBridges’ gateways.

Prerequisite: Monday afternoon’s Basic Routing course.


Day 3 June 25th – Everyone:

Afternoon (New Features)


Operational Features:

We never stop improving our gateways.  With Toolpack 2.7, you have access to new features, like: ISUP SPIROU; SIP custom headers in routing scripts; H.248 CAS; CAS R1 and more.  This section will walk you through these features.


Flexible IP:

In the upcoming Toolpack version 2.8, Tmedia gateways will be a lot more flexible on the IP side, with multiple IP addresses by port; VLANs support; Ethernet port bonding; and access to 2 new ports on TMG3200/TMG7800.  This section will present these new features.


SNMP Enhancements:

For 2.8, TelcoBridges’ R&D team spent a lot of time adding features and MIBs to our SNMP, which make it easier to monitor the gateways.  This section will explain what you can expect from the next version for the SNMP.


This section will help you understand what’s coming in the year ahead, particularly with respect to Toolpack 2.7, 2.8 and 2.9.  This roadmap will help you see how Tmedia gateways can be used more effectively in the year ahead.


We’ll wrap up the day with an opportunity to discuss your specific needs with TelcoBridges’ staff and with like-minded partners.


TB Academy Trainers:

TelcoBridges Trainers for this event include:


Candy TB Academy Trainer Photo

Candy Chan,

TB Academy Trainer

Field Application Engineer


Martin  TB Academy trainer photo

Martin Provencher,

TB Academy Trainer

Software Developer




When: June 23, 24, 25
(Monday to Wednesday
following CommunicAsia)

Time: 9:00 – 17:00


Seminar Room LLP
21 Tan Quee Lan Street,
Heritage Place #02-08
Singapore 188108


To register, simply fill in the form on the right, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Singapore.7