TelcoBridges and TELES certify media gateway and softswitch interoperability

Successful first step in ongoing effort to jointly create and deliver new customer value

MONTREAL and BERLIN, April 21st, 2010 – TelcoBridges Inc., a leading supplier of telecommunications hardware and software for solution developers and service providers, and TELES, a leading provider of solutions for Next Generation Networks, today announced that they have successfully completed interoperability testing between TelcoBridges’ Tmedia™ family of media gateways and TELES’ family of Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch solutions. In addition, the companies announced that they intend to collaborate closely on the evolution of each other’s products to ensure that they continue to deliver optimum compatibility and performance to the marketplace.

“We are incredibly impressed with both the system performance and density we saw with TelcoBridges Tmedia media gateways when paired with our softswitch solutions during our interoperability testing”, said Thomas Haydn, TELES Product Marketing Director. “Based on those efforts, we are confident that a solution based on our softswitch platform as well as Tmedia hardware can more than meet the needs of the most advanced network convergence and switch replacement projects.”

“The interoperability testing and subsequent interactions between our engineering teams demonstrated that TelcoBridges and TELES share a common vision of technology evolution and as we go forward we will continue to consult with each other and dedicate engineering resources in order to expand and act on that shared vision”, said Daniel Paradis, Director, Global Sales at TelcoBridges Inc. “The market perceives TELES as a leader in the softswitch space, a company that has a great track record in terms of customer excellence and product innovation, and we believe that by more tightly aligning TelcoBridges’ product roadmap and R&D efforts with those of TELES, we can create new value for customers, from the time of purchase through to deployment and operation.”

Customers looking to take advantage of the benefits of a TELES softswitch solution and a TelcoBridges media gateway should contact their respective TELES or TelcoBridges business partner today. Interoperability testing revealed that both products could run together ‘out-of-the-box’ when using the SIP signaling protocol. TelcoBridges will be delivering H.248 capabilities, fully compatible with those previously brought to market by TELES, during the course of the summer of 2010. (Current TelcoBridges partners interested in accessing this functionality before that time should contact their TelcoBridges account manager.) With the final release of H.248 support in Tmedia media gateways, such as the TMG5800 and the TMG7800, in addition to built-in SS7, ISDN, SIP, and SS7 SIGTRAN capabilities, customers choosing a solution based on Tmedia media gateways and a TELES class 4 or class 5 next-generation softswitch will be able to experience the most complete range of signaling and transcoding options and the highest calling port density in a single 2U device.

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