TelcoBridges announces new network signaling options for Media Gateways and Telecom Platforms

Addition of CAS R2, SIGTRAN, H.323, and H.248 support brings TelcoBridges’ legendary system density to more customers than ever

SINGAPORE – June 15th, 2010 – At the CommunicAsia 2010 industry conference in Singapore, TelcoBridges Inc., a leading provider of enabling technologies for telecom network convergence, value-added services, and network performance management, today announced the imminent introduction of new signaling options for the Tmedia™ family of VoIP gateways and the Tdev™ family of telecom platforms, as part of the next version of the Toolpack system software, slated for release at the end of Q3 2010. Specifically, TelcoBridges announced upcoming support within Toolpack for the CAS R2 signaling protocol for TDM networks; support for the SIGTRAN protocol for IP-based networks; and support for the H.248 protocol for integration with softswitches. TelcoBridges also announced the imminent availability of a new device, the Tmedia TMG8300 H.323 Signaling Converter, which provides translation between H.323 and SIP-based signaling for VoIP communications.

With the addition of support for H.248 and SIGTRAN, TelcoBridges VoIP gateways and telecom platforms are better positioned than ever to meet the requirements of service providers as they adapt their network cores and migrate to a softswitch architecture to address the needs of IMS as well as the 4G and LTE standards. Support for CAS R2, including a unique approach to adapting to national, regional or even vendor-specific variants, brings TelcoBridges’ renowned system density to meet the needs of network convergence and device consolidation in many emerging economies. Finally, the introduction of the Tmedia TMG8300 H.323 Signaling Converter means service providers no longer have to choose between H.323 and SIP-based signaling for VoIP communications; they can connect with preferred partners based on business requirements instead of technical ones.

“TelcoBridges media gateways and telecom platforms already had the unique distinction of offering concurrent support for SS7, ISDN, and SIP signaling in a single, high-density device, allowing service providers to replace multiple disparate legacy devices to simplify their networks and save on space and power,” said Kenneth Trueman, Director of Product Marketing at TelcoBridges Inc. “Our implementation of CAS R2, SIGTRAN and H.248 takes similar advantage of the non-blocking architecture found in every Tmedia and Tdev device, enabling service providers to run all of these protocols in parallel, giving them the ultimate in network flexibility in the process.”

The Tmedia family of VoIP gateways offer connectivity options ranging from 1 to 1024 T1/E1/J1, 1 to 48 DS-3 or 1 to 48 STM-1 interfaces, scaling to over 32,000 universal voice channels in a single system. Recognized for their high density and energy efficiency, Tmedia media gateways provide support for SS7, ISDN, SIGTRAN, SIP, CAS R2, and H.248 in a single device, enabling them to perform the work of multiple devices while using the 1/3rd the power and cooling.

The Tdev family of telecom development platforms meets the needs of solution developers creating the next generation of value-added services. Offering the same connectivity options and system capacity as Tmedia VoIP gateways, they add a powerful application programming interface over top, providing solution developers with the ability to create rich new applications that tie together subscriber data and voice media. These include unified communications, color ringback tones (CRBT), pre-paid and post-paid calling, IVR, and more.

Support for H.248 and CAS R2 will be available as part of TelcoBridges’ Toolpack v2.5 system software, which is projected to ship before the end of the third quarter of 2010. Customers and business partners interested in accessing a pre-release version of the Toolpack v2.5 software should contact their TelcoBridges account manager or technical support contact. SIGTRAN support is available in the current release of Toolpack. Finally, the TelcoBridges’ TMG8300 H.323 Signaling Converter device is slated to ship in Q3 2010; channel partners or customers interested in this exciting new device are invited to place their orders now.

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