TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC Selected by Marcatel to Improve Contact Center Services

Ease of installation, Intelligent Call Traffic Management and Cost Effectiveness make FreeSBC Ideal for Contact Center SIP Trunking Services

Montreal, Canada: July 18, 2018 – TelcoBridges, the leading designer and manufacturer of carrier-grade Tmedia VoIP gateways and the FreeSBC virtual session border controller, today announced that Marcatel is deploying TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC technology to assist call centers that utilize Marcatel’s SIP Trunking services.

Marcatel S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican telecommunications company that provides customized products and services to national and international carriers. Marcatel’s large optical fiber network interconnects Mexico, USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

Some of the outbound contact centers that Marcatel serves pose new challenges for its network. Call center customers that use high-speed dialers could potentially overwhelm Marcatel’s core switches and degrade services across its entire customer base – unless each customer’s aggregate call attempt traffic can be managed on the edge of the network at each customer’s premise.

To address this issue, Marcatel deployed TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC software at SIP Trunking customer sites, on COTS servers and as a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) to intelligently manage voice traffic according to call-per-second limits specified by each customer’s SLA. TelcoBridges’ proprietary intelligent algorithms detect and gracefully manage overages, queuing and delaying call attempts that exceed contractual limits. FreeSBC’s management web portal enables Marcatel technicians to monitor and remotely adjust call-rate limits on a per-customer basis. The FreeSBC web portal simplifies configuration changes and eliminates the need for difficult command-line interaction typically found in competing SBCs.

In addition to call rate limiting, Marcatel also utilized FreeSBC to provide caller-ID and ANI substitution for their SIP Trunking customers, presenting the called party with a branded message that improves call completion rates.

“We required a solution that was easy to install, affordable, available immediately and also fully supported,” said Sergio R. López, Engineering Manager at Marcatel. “TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC meets all our needs: it provides the functionality we need, and the ISO installation process has allowed our technicians to quickly install and activate SIP-Trunking services. We’ve also added full support and TelcoBridges TB-Analytics – which have immediately provided ROI, via the call recording and tracing features, which we’ve used to diagnose and fix some network issues for our customers.”

“Marcatel’s deployments illustrate the three best things about the FreeSBC: it’s affordable, it can be deployed immediately, and it provides carrier grade functionality,” said TelcoBridges’ Senior Director of Product Marketing Alan Percy.

For a detailed description of how Marcatel utilized FreeSBC, read the Marcatel Case Study at:

About TelcoBridges FreeSBC:

TelcoBridges’ FreeSBC virtual session border controller protects networks from DoS and DDoS attacks while offering outstanding session handling performance. FreeSBC runs on any combination of VMware, OpenStack, Amazon/AWS and bare metal servers as well as dedicated network devices as part of virtual network function integration. FreeSBC is offered via a “freemium” business model, where sessions can be licensed at no cost or with optional support, and premium feature subscriptions for $1/session/year. To date, more than 4 million sessions have been downloaded by hundreds of customers in 59 countries around the globe.

FreeSBC is just one component of TelcoBridges’ portfolio of carrier-grade solutions. A wide array of optional paid services and extensions are available, including 24/7 support, analytics for troubleshooting, fraud detection, call removal and more. Support for transcoding is made possible via optional IP-based DSP hardware resources, which are sold in various capacities. For more information, visit

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TelcoBridges is a leader in the design and manufacture of carrier grade, high performance, and high-density SBCs and VoIP gateways. Based in Montreal with offices in Poland, Turkey and Hong Kong, TelcoBridges has deployed VoIP solutions in more than 100 countries worldwide. TelcoBridges’ brands include: FreeSBC™, Tmedia™ (VoIP media gateways), Tsig™ (signaling gateways), Tdev™ (development platforms) and Tmonitor™ (real-time network monitoring equipment).

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