TelcoBridges Launches Its Media Gateway Partner Program with New Financial Incentives, Cooperative Marketing Initiatives, and Training & Support Programs

Expanded Emphasis on Partnering Plays a Key Role in TelcoBridges’ 2010 Sales & Marketing Efforts

Montreal, Canada, February 11th, 2010:  TelcoBridges, the preferred hardware and software supplier for telecom resellers, system integrators, solution developers and service providers, today announced its new Media Gateway partner program designed to help TelcoBridges’ reseller and system integrator partners address the needs of their customers (service providers, carriers and ISPs), while enhancing their bottom line in the process. The Media Gateway partner program is based on three principles: the Tmedia family of gateway products makes money for TelcoBridges’ partners; the products are easy to sell; and they are easy to support.

The newly launched partner program provides an array of financial incentives, cooperative marketing programs, and training & support programs that make it easier for partners to sell TelcoBridges’ offerings.  These new investments in partnering play an important role in TelcoBridges’ shift towards a more channel-oriented sales organization for 2010.  The New Media Gateway Partner Program consists of:

Financial Incentives: To attract new Media Gateway reseller partners, the TelcoBridges Media Gateway Partner Program offers a three-pronged financial incentive offering, which allows new partners to offer the most competitive pricing currently available in the industry.  Accomplished through a standard discount, plus a volume rebate, plus potential “Early Bird” payment rebates, TelcoBridges is setting up its partners to win business throughout the industry.

Cooperative Marketing Initiatives: TelcoBridges’ baseline marketing efforts with each partner include web branding support, personalized documentation and sales collateral, banner advertising campaigns, and extensive email campaigns throughout the year.  All leads generated are automatically transferred to appropriate partners.  Additionally, TelcoBridges is now supporting partners in trade show expenses, and cooperative advertising campaigns, based on the level of TelcoBridges products sold.

Sales Training: TelcoBridges provides extensive online trainings to each new partner, to help master the product line and recommend the proper media gateway applications for each client need.  This new online training focus reduces the ramp-up time for new partners, resulting in the generation of revenues within weeks, rather than months.  TelcoBridges supports its online training through monthly conference calls to respond to its partner’s technical and sales inquiries.  And TelcoBridges’ resources are available to participate on any of its partners’ sales calls.

Technical Training: To ensure that all partners become experts on TelcoBridges’ technology, the company has launched new programs that address media gateway installation & configuration training; technical architecture training; and courses for the Toolpack software that accompanies TelcoBridges’ media gateways.  All training is available online, and extensive phone-based follow up is available.

Free, Unlimited Technical Support, Around the Globe: To help partners respond to any client need, quickly and efficiently, TelcoBridges is providing free, unlimited support via the web, phone or email.  Another benefit to the new media gateway partner program is “Free Test Units & Support” for each new client, for up to 30 days.  These test units ensure that our partners’ clients (service providers, carriers, etc.) are 100-percent sold on TelcoBridges, and on Tmedia’s interoperability, support and quality, when they place their orders.  To ensure smooth installations, TelcoBridges will participate in up to 5 scheduled remote installations with each partner, to provide hands-on assistance.

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“Our technology provides the performance and reliability that network service providers, carriers and ISPs require,” said Gaetan Campeau, President and Founder of TelcoBridges.  “We realize how important partners are to our continued success, so we’re providing the programs and incentives needed to create the types of relationships that expand our brand, while also helping our partners accomplish their own goals.”

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