TelcoBridges NEW Tmedia TMG800 and TMG3200 VoIP/Media Gateways Outperform the Competition by up to 100% for TDM-IP and IP-TDM

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 (Boucherville, QC) – TelcoBridges Inc., the preferred hardware and software supplier for telecom resellers, system integrators, solution developers and service providers, today announced the launch of its NEW Tmedia TMG800 and TMG3200 VoIP/Media gateways. Recognised within the industry for its high-density telecommunications equipment, TelcoBridges beats the nearest competition in terms of performance; the NEW TMG3200 2U VoIP/Media  gateway hits performance levels of between 75 and 90 completed calls per second (CCPS) for SIP-SS7 and SS7-SIP when using TelcoBridges text CDR and Routing Scripts. When considering the statistics for call attempts per second (CAPS), the NEW TMG3200 hits rates of between 165 to 230 CAPS for SIP-SS7 and SS7-SIP.

This past March 2011, Dialogic announced the launch of its BorderNet™ 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway, with 2.6 times the session capacity of the previous generation Dialogic IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway. The IMG2020 achieves “call rates ranging from 36 to 52 calls per second when connecting mobile or fixed line subscribers to mobile VAS and cloud-based services.”i  TelcoBridges new TMG3200 blows these performance numbers out of the water, hitting performance levels between 70% to just over 100% greater than those of Dialogic. This announcement will undoubtedly take the industry by storm, when carriers are looking to invest in next generation technologies that will ensure greater long-term value.

Founded in 2002, TelcoBridges has always been considered a “newbie” to the gateway scene, but with their ten year anniversary set to kick-off this January 2012 and these new gateway offerings already shipping, TelcoBridges is setting itself apart from the competition, demonstrating that they are no longer the new kids in town. Offering gateway systems with capacity from 1 to 1024 T1/E1s, 1 to 48 DS3 or 1 to 16 OC3/STM1; regardless of the size of the business, TelcoBridges is able to answer carriers needs for bridging TDM to IP, IP to TDM and IP to IP voice, data and signaling, while ensuring the highest density and highest performance for the greatest value.

“With the convergence of services toward IP host-based platforms, our customers are requesting more and more performance from their gateway solutions.   We are certainly proud of the outstanding performance in BHCC or BHCA that our Tmedia products can achieve for the relay of every protocol, and we are dedicated to pushing our products again to new thresholds of performance in the near future. From call centers to tele-voting going through SS7 to VoIP applications, gateway performances will always be an important factor having an impact on the price and simplicity of the overall system.” states Mr. Carl Boulanger, CTO, TelcoBridges Inc.

TelcoBridges is so confident of its products performance and ability that new clients’ who want to see the Tmedia’s functionality for themselves, can contact any of TelcoBridges certified reseller partners and ask to take part in the Try & Buy program risk free. Carriers will have the opportunity to select their Tmedia, receive a preconfigured product that will be remotely installed and tested; demonstrating its ease of installation, integration and interoperability. To take advantage of this offer, new clients are encouraged to contact TelcoBridges via email at For more information with regard to the NEW Tmedia TMG800 and TMG3200 visit:

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TelcoBridges designs, develops and manufactures carrier-grade telecommunications hardware and software. TelcoBridges brands include: Tmedia (VoIP gateways), Tdev (development platforms) and Tmonitor (real-time network monitoring). Its channel partners, which consist of valued-added reseller, system integrators, and solution developers, have deployed carrier-grade solutions in over 60 countries worldwide. As a recognised leader within the telecom industry, TelcoBridges was ranked as #175 in Deloitte’s North American Fast 500 (2009), thanks to its revenue growth which exceeded 777% during the period spanning 2004-2008. TelcoBridges strives to continuously innovate, pushing the capacity of its products, providing the highest quality, highest-density in the lowest form factor possible. For additional information visit:

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i Seely, Kristen, Brianna Swales. “Dialogic Introduces High-Density BorderNet 2020 Integrated Multimedia Gateway for Service Providers”. Dialogic corporate web site. San Jose, CA, Tuesday, March 1st, 2011. <>