TelcoBridges’ ProSBC Helps X2nSat Ensure Business Continuity Via Streamlined Satellite Communications

Numerous Features, such as Ease-of-Provisioning, Advanced Call Routing and Transcoding for Voice Compression Make ProSBC a Preferred Choice for Satellite Communications

Montreal, Canada – July 6, 2021 – TelcoBridges, a leading designer and manufacturer of carrier-grade ProSBC virtual session border controller software and Tmedia VoIP gateways, today announced that X2nSat, a network integrator specializing in satellite communications, has selected TelcoBridges’ ProSBC for its satellite gateway sites.

Headquartered in Petaluma, California, X2nSat provides remote location connectivity & business continuity services to customers in the healthcare, power generation and information technology industries – and they also work with other telecommunications service providers.

Recently increasing trends, such as remote workforce growth, cyber-attacks and power outages due to brownouts or extreme weather events, have increased demand for business continuity services.  Satellite communications have matured to the point where they’re becoming a popular complement to any businesses’ communications portfolio.  As a result, X2nSat’s network has experienced a significant increase in traffic, which prompted them to seek out a more robust SBC solution.

After an extensive evaluation, X2nSat selected TelcoBridges’ ProSBC for the following reasons:

  • Voice Compression – ProSBC significantly increases the efficiency of limited satellite bandwidth.
  • Transcoding – Satellite traffic must be un-compressed before it’s handed off to SIP trunk providers, and ProSBC’s voice transcoding capabilities are well-suited to this task.
  • Capacity – ProSBC’s Label Routing capabilities can route traffic from hundreds of simultaneous subscribers to different SIP trunk providers in a streamlined fashion.
  • Ease of Administration – ProSBC is easy to install, configure and it has helped X2nSat simplify the process of provisioning new customers.
  • Support – X2nSat’s team quickly learned how to leverage ProSBC’s label routing and transcoding capabilities from TelcoBridges’ extensive online training programs.

“Business continuity via satellite is becoming common as businesses, governments and industry users realize the importance of 24x7x365 connectivity,” said Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges.  “As shown by X2nSat, TelcoBridges’ ProSBC with transcoding capabilities is an excellent resource for traffic management and connectivity in satellite applications.”

“ProSBC offers all of the capabilities that we need, and it’s easy to install, configure and manage,” said X2nSat Project Engineer Venkata Yanamandra.  “We evaluated other SBCs, and when we compared the features and the price, ProSBC won hands-down.”

For additional details on the X2nSat implementation, please see the ProSBC X2nSat case study, available at:   For more information on other use cases, visit:

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