TelcoBridges Tops 3-Million Milestone for Carrier Grade, High Density Ports Shipped Worldwide

Success of Tmedia and the Expansion of Tdev and Tmonitor Platforms Establishes TelcoBridges as Single, Leading Supplier for Systems Integrators, Solutions Developers and Service Providers


(Montreal, Canada) March 10, 2009:  TelcoBridges™ Inc., the preferred hardware and software supplier for telecom system integrators, solution developers and service providers, today announced that it has shipped more than 3 million ports to customers in more than 45 countries around the globe.

In just over six years, TelcoBridges has built a solid business foundation by providing high quality, high-density telecommunications solutions.  TelcoBridges’ success is based on win-win business opportunities with its partners, and by a commitment to surpassing partner expectations through continuous support.  TelcoBridges offers stability by ensuring a clear corporate roadmap, focusing on energy efficient products (that require 50-80% less power consumption than competing products) and by continuing to provide products that are flexible and scalable.

“Our partners choose TelcoBridges because we offer unparalleled support paired with some of the highest quality, highest-density products,” states Luc Morissette, Director of Customer Support for TelcoBridges.  “When the market becomes more aggressive, it is nice to know that you can work with one supplier who provides support regardless of whether you are running a modest or multi-network system.  TelcoBridges provides customised support ensuring you are up and running quickly and efficiently making you more competitive.”

TelcoBridges product portfolio addresses a wide array of customer needs. The company’s newly re-branded product portfolio features the following offerings:

Tmedia™: a winner of 7 industry awards, Tmedia is widely considered to be the industry’s highest-density, ready-to-deploy media gateway platform.  More information is available at:

Tdev™: the recently rebranded  Tdev Platform consists of the award-winning TMP6400 and the TMS1600, which provide all the development tools necessary to create customized, carrier-grade telecom solutions. More information is available at:

Tmonitor™: The TM1000™ enables the detection, filtering, capture and recording of all signaling and voice traffic crossing T1/E1 links, giving solutions developers the raw data they need to develop next-generation security and location-based service applications.  For more information, check out

TelcoBridges products address a wide variety of industry needs.  Each features a highly flexible and scalable architecture, with a single software API, and full SS7 support.

“We recognize that the needs of a systems integrator (value added reseller) are different from those of a solution developer, and each of our product lines have been created and continuously evolved to respond to the specific needs of our customers,” states Danny Paul Blouin, VP of marketing for TelcoBridges.  “We’re excited to have shipped more than 3 million ports worldwide, and we consider this milestone to be the foundation of our worldwide growth and outreach.”

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TelcoBridges is clearly defining the future of communications technologies. By supplying the industry’s best telecom platform, TelcoBridges is helping telecom developers and integrators of VoIP and TDM solutions realize their bright ideas. TelcoBridges’ customers develop and deploy carrier-grade telecom solutions for some of the world’s largest operators in over 45 countries.  These solutions include: mobile value-added services, location-based services, video calling applications, network monitoring, media gateways, switching, IVR, unified communications solutions, and more. For additional information, please visit

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