WEBINAR: FreeSBC – A New Approach to the SBC

As network architects in service providers and large enterprises plan their migration to cloud infrastructure, one network security element plays a critical role and needs special treatment – the Session Border Controller. At the crossroads of real-time voice and video traffic, SBCs are tasked with providing protection against DDOS attacks, facilitating NAT traversal, providing topology hiding, resolving interoperability issues and much more.

To address these needs, TelcoBridges offers FreeSBC, a software SBC solution designed specifically for cloud and virtualized deployments, offered under a “freemium” business model that better fits the cloud application needs for affordable voice network security. The base SBC can be licensed for FREE, while optional features and support is provided at $1/session/year.

The first of a series of webinars, this session will provide an overview of FreeSBC, explore anticipated use cases, detail features, capabilities and clarify the unique business model and how organizations can best leverage “freemium” services.

Topics covered in this session:
– The changing role of an SBC in cloud-based voice networks
– Why offer a Free SBC?
– What’s included
– Licensing model
– Installation and evaluation process
– Customer success story

Who should attend:

Network architects at service providers and enterprises, networking consultants, analysts and decision-makers involved in acquiring network technology

Watch the webinar recording here