“It was great and helpful TB Academy training for me, I look forward to your next training in Europe.”

Shaho Sadeghi, Telecom Engineer, Sanet Telecom A.B.

“It was quite a spectacular training session that was held by Telcobridges in Dhaka. It was very helpful for me as I came to know about the new features of Telcobridges’ 2.7 release in details. I also had the opportunity to share my thoughts with other operators who are using Telcobridges. I hope Telcobridges will regularly organize such training sessions in Bangladesh.”

Towsif Ahmed, Engineer Core Network, Tele Exchange Limited

“TelcoBridges is one of the few VoIP Gateway vendors that offers free training on their products. We attended the technical training class at the company’s headquarters and my technical staff got an in-depth training session on the VoIP gateways. The training allowed us to learn everything about the products and now we are able to use the products to their full potential. I recommend the training session to all Tmedia gateway users.”

Dannie Baquero, CEO, IP Holdings

“It was really a great experience to participate “Introduction to Tmedia” training session in Dhaka. Special thanks to both of the trainers for their nice and interactive presentation” … “We hope TelcoBridges will continue the TB Academy training program in future.”

Shahin Reja Abu Hena Rayhan, CTO, Bestec Telecom Ltd

I would like to thank TelcoBridges support team for their wonderful support and patience. I really appreciate the level of cooperation, coordiantion and support. I will be more than happy to recommend TelcoBridges to my contacts. It was really a very good experience working with you guys. Thank you.

Prakash Singh Chaudhary, Broadband Telecom Inc.

“TelcoBridges’ media gateways provide the flexibility we need for IP-to-IP transcoding. We are using the products to adapt codecs for SIP-to-SIP calls, transcoding voice streams between G.711, G.723.1 and G.729. The Tmedia gateway we are using allows us to connect our network to multiple carriers and saves us time and money.”

Juan Salazar, CTO, Bridgepeer Networks

“I am very pleased with the level of support provided by TelcoBridges. Their support staff is knowledgeable, attentive to our needs and very responsive. The TelcoBridges support team helped us every time we called on them and their intervention was professional and very timely. I am reassured to know that I can count on a supplier such a TelcoBridges when I need their help.”

Konstantin Avdeev, CTO, Lanck Telecom

“We have been using TelcoBridges’ VoIP gateways for many years now. The products are reliable and the support provided by TelcoBridges is second to none. We were attracted by the products because they support a high-density STM-1 interface and have SS7 signaling integrated. The use of STM-1 interfaces for us is critical because we have a high call volume, it facilitates our interconnections and reduces our costs.”

Christos Omiridis, Managing Director, Telco Village GmbH

“In today’s 24-hour economy, mobile communications capabilities play a critical role in our customer’s success, and it’s our responsibility to provide them with telecommunications solutions that are always on, without fail

By working with TelcoBridges, we’re able to meet the most rigorous demands of even our largest customers.”

Stijn Nijhuis, CEO, Voiceworks

“We are using TelcoBridges’ gateways for TDM-to-TDM switching. The Tmedia gateway allows us to maximize the use of our TDM-based IVR servers. The flexibility of the embedded call routing engine allows us to route calls to TDM or VoIP. We are very pleased with the products and they have allowed us to expand our service offering while containing costs.”

David Sharafy, IT Manager, CCDS

“Their hardware and software have exceeded our expectations andTelcoBridges has been a tremendous partner”

David Hattey, CEO, Aegis Mobility

“By working with TelcoBridges, we’re able to implement a Ring Back Tone system that vastly improves the customer experience, while also providing the scalability needed to meet future demand in a straightforward manner.”

Seung Youl Maeng, Deputy Manager, Alox

“We have been able to easily bring to market one of the most flexible and scalable DS3-based media gateway solutions for the operator market.”

Philip Shin, President and CEO, Janus Systems

“it delivers the most complete and the lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership solution for the carrier marketplace that is backed by our long history of providing IVR solutions.”

Greg Gissler, Founder, VP & CTO, Interact

“Through the combination of TelcoBridges’ enabling technologies and our software, we’ve been able to provide the largest operator in the world with 100% PRBT system capacity for all subscribers”

Zhang Guang Bin, Vice President, Kingdon Telecom

“We’ve selected the TMG3200 based on its clear performance leadership in I/O flexibility, VoIP channel density and field upgradability. TelcoBridges has clearly demonstrated that their development tools and media gateway products provide an unprecedented feature set, along with the carrier-grade reliability and superior support we demand.”

Paul Amick, Co-Founder, PhoenixSoft

“As a leading European systems Integrator, we were looking for increased flexibility to quickly adapt our solutions to the individual requirements of each of our customers. We recognise immediately the TelcoBridges’ STM-1 interface fulfills two crucial requirements in today’s competitive environment since it will save us both time and money.”

Lulia Marusca, Marketing Manager, Interactive CommTech Development

“By using TelcoBridges’ TMG3200 Media Gateway, we’ve solved the issues associated with media processing, and as a result, we can effectively deliver thousands of hosted PBX solutions, that can reach millions of end points.”

Paul Mahler, President, Ring Carrier

“The TelcoBridges Tmedia product family is an innovative highly scalable and full-featured telecom platform that provides a competitive advantage”

Jim Johnston, Chief Technology Officer, Mindspeed

“TelcoBridges enables solution providers and OEMs to be successful through the company’s range of dependable telecom products”

Mike Dagenais, Chief Executive Officer, Continuous Computing

“We adopt TelcoBridges’ technology in order to gain a competitive edge in the market place. The density, scalability and carrier-grade architecture of TelcoBridges’ platform is unmatched in the industry.”

Stephen Zitnik, Chief Technical Officer, Interop Technologies