Highly Customisable Telecom Development Platform

The TelcoBridges Tdev TMP6400 is a high-density telecom development platform that meets the needs of customers looking to expand their value-added services (VAS) by providing a cost-effective foundation for the introduction of new offerings while rapidly scaling to meet the needs of a growing subscriber base.


Tdev TMP6400 VoIP Development Platform


Whether deployed on a wireline, wireless or VoIP network, the TMP6400 delivers seamless voice interoperability across TDM and IP networks. In addition, the TMP6400 builds on those capabilities with an advanced application platform for delivering ring-back tones, unified communications, pre-paid/post-paid calling, conferencing, fax-over-IP (T.38), voicemail, and other enhanced services to subscribers regardless of access protocol or device.

Leveraging TelcoBridges Toolpack™ software environment, and a choice of host deployment platforms, the TMP6400 provides the ability to rapidly develop and deploy applications that tie together real-time communications from the network with stored external data sources to provide unique subscriber-specific services.

Customisable TMP6400 features:

  • Type of Power (redundant AC or DC)
  • SS7 (# links from 1 to 64)
  • SIGTRAN (None, Relay or Termination)
  • IVR (128 to 2048 channels)
  • TDM Interface (T1/E1, DS3, OC3/STM1)
  • Control options (Internal or none)
  • VoIP (none, or up to 4 mezzanines)
  • SIP (Signalling Stack or none)
  • Toolpack (software or none)
  • ISDN (ISDN variants or none)

TMP6400 Datasheet


The TelcoBridges™ Tdev TMP6400-TMS media switch is a dedicated, high-availability switch

It can combine with up to 16 units of TelcoBridges’ Tdev TMP6400 multi-service application platform to support up to 32,768 non-blocking universal voice ports across 1024 T1/E1/J1, 48 DS-3, or 16 STM-1 interfaces.

When used with the TMP6400™, the TMP6400-TMS media switch supports carrier-grade, high-capacity bridging between TDM and IP networks, transcoding between various wireline, wireless, and Internet codecs and the delivery of hosted IP-PBX, Fax over IP, SIP trunking, voicemail, and other advanced services.

In conjunction with TelcoBridges’  Toolpack™ application development environment, the TMP6400-TMS media switch enables load sharing and redundancy across TMP6400 devices and application servers to meet the growing needs of providers of enhanced network-wide services such as unified communications, ring-back tones, and pre-paid/post-paid service.

Features & benefits

  • Carrier-grade
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • High availability


The TelcoBridges Tdev™ TMP6400-CTRL is a high-performance application server device designed for use with the Tdev TMP800 and Tdev TMP6400 computer telephony platforms.

With processing capacity to spare, the TMP6400-CTRL is powerful enough to host applications such as softswitches and session border controllers locally, further answering the need for device consolidation and convergence.