Cost-effectively trial new value-added services.

The TelcoBridges™ Tdev TMP800 is a small-footprint telecom development platform that meets the needs of service providers looking to cost-effectively develop and deploy new value-added services.


Tdve TMP800 VoIP Development Platform


The TMP800 provides capacity of up to 16 T1/E1 interfaces, and up to 512 universal VoIP channels.

Whether sitting at the edge of a wireline, wireless, or VoIP network, the TMP800 delivers seamless voice interoperability across TDM and IP networks. The TMP800 builds on those capabilities with an advanced application platform for delivering ring-back tones, unified communications, pre-paid/post-paid calling, hosted IP-PBX, conferencing, Fax over IP (T.38), voicemail, and other enhanced services to subscribers irrespective of access protocol or device.

Leveraging TelcoBridges Toolpack™ software toolkit, and a choice of host deployment platforms, the TMP800 provides the ability to rapidly develop and deploy applications that tie together real-time communications from the network with stored external data sources to provide unique subscriber-specific services.


Customizable features:

  • Type of power (single or redundant AC or DC)
  • SS7 (# of links from 1 to 64)
  • SIGTRAN (None, Relay or Termination)
  • VoIP (none, or from 1 to 2 mezzanines)
  • SIP (Signalling stack or none)
  • Toolpack (software or none)
  • ISDN (ISDN variants or none)

TMP800 Datasheet


The TelcoBridges Tdev™ TMP800-CTRL is a high-performance application server device designed for use with the Tdev TMP800 and Tdev TMP6400 computer telephony platforms.

With processing capacity to spare, the TMP800-CTRL is powerful enough to host applications such as softswitches and session border controllers locally, further answering the need for device consolidation and convergence.