TelcoBridges’ Call Center Solutions provide you with…


Call Center Solutions

Competitive Pricing

As a leader in efficiency, TelcoBridges is able to bring competitive prices that are hard to beat.



Innovation and Agility

Boasting the highest density in the market, TelcoBridges’ innovative solutions and agile design & development, allows you to always stay ahead of your competition.



Integration & Development

TelcoBridges understand that scaling or replacing your system can be a big investment. Our engineering development & integration professionals can help adapt or develop our solutions to match your specific needs. With TelcoBridges you don’t just get A solution, you get the right solution made for YOU.


Scaled capabilities

The Tmedia family of Gateways can scale from 1x T1/E1 connection with the TMG800 product, all the way up to 16x STM1 connection with the TMG7800. Furthermore, each unit can be remotely upgraded to its full capacity without manual intervention on the board.



24/7 Support

TelcoBridges makes it a priority to provide the most effective service. Our dependable support team is available 24/7 to to help you out with your system or to answer any question you may have. You can always trust us to be there for you. Your success is our success.

Reliability & Stability

We pride ourselves in designing and building the industry’s most Reliable & Stable Gateways. Take your network beyond five nines (99.999%) availability with our High Availability options such as 1+1 redundancy, n+1 redundancy, and power supply redundancy. At TelcoBridges we understand that each second of downtime is a second that goes unbilled.


Global Presence with Local representation

TelcoBridges global coverage is growing all the time, with new certified partners joining every month.

Of course, our TelcoBridges customer success representatives are also at your disposal 24/7.

Visit our partner section to find a local partner in your area, or our TB support section to learn more.



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