Integrated SSP/STP Solutions

TelcoBridges’ Gateways are designed from the ground up to serve as a multi-purpose platform. As such, our Gateways are capable of performing much more than simply acting as a media Gateway.

For instance our Tmedia Gateways can not only route media but also signaling, addressing SIGTRAN/SS7, TDM and VoIP media switching all in one box.

This means that one redundant Tmedia Gateway can fulfill the role of multiple pieces of equipment, and as a result, enhance the performance, redundancy, and reliability of systems for a fraction of the cost of traditional multi-box Solution.

By delivering the TDM/SIP and SIGTRAN/SS7 gateway functionality without requiring additional third-party equipment, we’re able to reduce acquisition costs, and simplify maintenance requirements for our customers and our customer’s customers.

Tmedia VoIP Media Gateway fulfilling the roles of both the SSP & STP

Low Risk, Reliability, and High Availability

TelcoBridges is committed to designing and manufacturing top quality gateways. With a reliability rating of 99.999% (five nine’s) and backed by full redundancy, available either in 1+1, or n+1 solutions, our gateways are the most reliable and stable available on the market. In fact, we invite you to contact our customer to verify for yourself, we have a flawless customer satisfaction and customer support rating. We stand by our customers because we understand that your success is our success.

Customer Testimonial

In today’s 24-hour economy, mobile communications capabilities play a critical role in our customer’s success, and it’s our responsibility to provide them with telecommunications solutions that are always on, without fail. By working with TelcoBridges, we’re able to meet the most rigorous demands of even our largest customers

Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voicework



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