Signaling Converter solution using Tsig Signaling Gateway & Converter

The Tsig Signaling Gateway & Converter can be used to extend SS7 TDM links over IP, thus granting significant cost savings by avoiding expensive dedicated TDM links. The use of an IP network to carry SS7 traffic also leverages the inherent redundancy & high bandwidth of today’s IP networks.

TelcoBridges Tsig Signaling Gateway & Converter supports SS7, SIGTRAN, ISDN PRI, CAS R2, and T1 CAS, and can covert from any protocol to any protocol.


Signaling Converter

SCCP Opcode routing & Global Title Translation [GTT]

SCCP opcode routing with the ability to translate Global Title Translations.

High-speed links [HSL] and low-speed links [LSL]

Allows for seamless integration into SS7 networks & existing infrastructure.

Low Risk, Reliability, and High Availability

TelcoBridges is committed to designing and manufacturing top quality gateways. With a reliability rating of 99.999% (five nine’s) and backed by full redundancy, available either in 1+1, or n+1 solutions, our gateways are the most reliable and stable available on the market. In fact, we invite you to contact our customer to verify for yourself, we have a flawless customer satisfaction and customer support rating. We stand by our customers because we understand that your success is our success.


SS7 allows our gateways to be Seamlessly integrated with existing TDM infrastructure, greatly simplifying deployment and maintenance.


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