TelcoBridges follows the 10 principles set out by the Personal Information Policy and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

(Last updated: June 4, 2018) According to Canadian legislation, updated January 2004, TelcoBridges follows the 10 principles set out by the Personal Information Policy and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA):

[1] Accountability
[2] Purpose
[3] Consent
[4] Limiting collection
[5] Limiting use, disclosure & retention
[6] Accuracy
[7] Safeguards
[8] Openness
[9] Individual access
[10] Challenging compliance

For more information pertaining to your rights, responsibilities and the act as per the listing above, please refer to:


[1] Accountability

TelcoBridges™ Inc. complies with the 10 principles set out by the Personal Information Policy and Electronic Documents Act.

TelcoBridges protects all personal information held by the organization through its procedures & policies and security infrastructure. Personal partner information is never transferred to a third party without specific consent of the partner/prospect.

TelcoBridges is accountable to all stipulations in the corporate privacy policy.


[2] Purpose

TelcoBridges collects the following personal partner information:

1. To provide a quote (the prospect/partner information is collected):

Information collected includes: contact name(s), company name, address, telephone, fax, mobile, e-mail, web site, the contact(s) type of business (system integrator, solutions developer, value added re-seller, etc.

This information is used to ensure the proper processing of the quote(s) which lead to orders and efficient delivery of product(s)/service(s).

All information collected is transferred into TelcoBridges corporate CRM system, whereby all marketing and sales employees may view given information. Only marketing and sales personnel have access permissions to change prospect/partner information.

2. For marketing purposes:

The marketing department regularly sends product information, press releases, promotions, and other communications  via email, fax, direct mail, other to prospects/partners so that they are aware of events, promotions, product or industry information that may be of benefit and/or interest.

TelcoBridges always provides a means of “opting out” of the given media effort(s) from that time on if the prospect/partner so desires.

Prospects/partners are added to the TelcoBridges list:
• As soon as they are provided a quote
• If they provide their information to TelcoBridges through a trade show or event (ex. Webinar)
• If they have contacted us through via email, online form, other
• If they have been contacted or contact someone within the TelcoBridges sales team

As soon as prospects/partners are: quoted, participate in an event or trade show, and/or submit a request online, they are made aware of their inclusion on theTelcoBridges list.

Prospects/partners may register themselves into the TelcoBridges data-base via various online resources, ex. TelcoBridges online: forms, contact email,  other.  It is understood that upon submission of the registration the prospect/partner is opting-in to the TelcoBridges database.  From this point on, all contact made with the prospect/partner will have set-out methods of opting-out, feedback and access to the detailed privacy policy.

The purpose of collecting Marketing data:
To inform prospects/partners, through various forms of marketing, of new/existing products, brands, service offerings, news, promotions and events in the telecom industry. The marketing department will only use personal information, provided by an individual to TelcoBridges, for the purpose of receiving marketing literature/promotions/other, unless the client suggests otherwise and therefore provides consent.  All personal information will be collected through e-mail, Internet, fax, telephone, mail.

Each TelcoBridges Internet/email marketing campaign will contain:
• TelcoBridges privacy policy, and who to contact with questions
• A way to Opt-out of the marketing initiative
• A way to correct personal information
• A way to provide feedback

In signing quote(s) the prospect/partner confirms his/her knowledge of our privacy policy and agrees to inclusion into our database. However after an initial email/fax/other marketing communication, the prospect/partner can decide, if they so choose, to opt-out of this database.  Prospects/partners can opt-out of the marketing database at anytime by contacting TelcoBridges via telephone, fax, email or online.


[3] Consent

Consent occurs in the signing of on the quote (filed by TelcoBridges for proof of signature – accounting dept.) in the case of new/existing partners. In the case of prospects, consent is obtained either online (in the case of press room sign up, completion of online forms, requests, etc) or via telephone/mail for postal mailings (consent tracked by TelcoBridges Marketing dept.).

In the event that a prospect/partner chooses to remove their name from theTelcoBridges marketing database (consent is withdrawn), they take on the responsibility of not being made aware of new promotions, new brands, new services, current events, other promotions/communications that TelcoBridges may be offering at any given time.  It should be understood that in opting-out of the TelcoBridges marketing database, no marketing materials or campaigns will be communicated to the prospect/partner unless otherwise specified.


[4] Limiting collection

TelcoBridges will only collect information pertinent to the processing, delivery and support of their products.  In the case of marketing materials, only information pertinent to the delivery and tracking of the marketing materials/campaign will be collected (as little as: name, company name, and e-mail – as much as: name, company name, address, tel., fax, e-mail).


[5] Limiting use, disclosure and retention

Personal information, pertaining to the prospect/partner will only be used in the following circumstances:
• Proper order processing and delivery.
• Effective communication of events, promotions, promotional materials, catalogues, press releases, ads, other marketing campaigns, etc.
• To facilitate any other communication request to TelcoBridges Inc. from the prospect/partner.

No client information will be disclosed for reasons other than those stipulated above.


[6] Accuracy

Prospect/partner information can be modified/updated at any time.  Prospects/ partners may request their own personal contact information to revise/update, as they would choose. If TelcoBridges is contacted with a request to modify and/or change a prospect’s/partner’s information, all changes will be made within 2 business days.

In order for a prospect/partner to receive the listing of the information being held by TelcoBridges, prospect/partner should contact TelcoBridges via e-mail, fax or phone and TelcoBridges will send them the appropriate information as requested. Prospects/partners should contact TelcoBridges for all personal information stipulated above.


[7] Safeguards

Within TelcoBridges, client information is protected through various means:
• Limited access to those who directly deal with the accounts.
• The TelcoBridges network infrastructure including firewalls, etc.
These two precautions will ensure that information is appropriately used and dispersed within the organization (TelcoBridges) allowing for the efficient processing of orders and transfer of information.


[8] Openness

At any time the prospect/partner may request a copy of the TelcoBridges privacy policy. It is accessible on the TelcoBridges Web Site ( and can be transferred to a client through any TelcoBridges employee.

Prospects/partners will be made aware of the TelcoBridges privacy policy, as it is accessible through the corporate web site as well as detailed in all e-mailed messages.


[9] Individual access

At any time, prospects/partners may request a copy of their personal information.  Those individuals may only request their specified personal information kept on file by TelcoBridges.  Individuals, other than the individual who granted consent to be placed in the TelcoBridges database, may not access the information of any other member of the database.


[10] Challenging compliance

If, at any point, an individual feels TelcoBridges has not fulfilled its responsibility in terms of personal privacy, formal complaints may be launched if required.

Should you have any questions or comments with regard to this policy please do not hesitate in contacting us.