Secure Real-time Transport Protocol provides encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay attack protection to RTP data


Transport Layer Security provides communications security between servers and web browsers


FreeSBC is free to use, the paid ProSBC edition adds features and includes support

100% Software

Software versions for VMware, OpenStack, KVM or bare metal servers

High Performance

Handling up to 1,000 call attempts per second

Instantly Scalable*

The same software can scale from 100 to 60,000 sessions, so your SBC is ready when you are

Optional Support

Available 24/7 unlimited support, we’re here to help when you need it


DOS/DDOS protection, dynamic blacklisting and call access control

RTP bypass*

Allows media to go around the SBC between two end points.


Both FreeSBC and ProSBC operate on any combination of VMware™, KVM/OpenStack™, Amazon/AWS™, Microsoft Azure™(*) and bare metal servers as well as a VNF on dedicated network devices

SIP Header Manipulation

Resolve interoperability issues between networks

SIP registration scanning protection

Drop incoming register requests from scanners (suspicious & other). Alternatively, block an IP source from an offending network.

MOS Scoring*

Mean Opinion Score value calculated and reported in Call Trace, RADIUS/Text CDRs.

Ease of deployment

Easy to deploy, operate and manage through a web-based interface

Extensive interoperability

FreeSBC and ProSBC are widely interoperable with major VoIP platforms and carrier networks

Carrier grade

FreeSBC and ProSBC support several high availability configurations including geo-redundancy

Flexible call routing

Call routing can be implemented using the internal call routing engine, or via the use of available external call routing engines


Conversion of media formats for interoperability

Topology hiding

Topology Hiding hides the IP, VIA, Record-Route, Route and Contact headers to enhance SIP network security

Network troubleshooting tools*

Optional TB Analytics feature pack aid in help diagnose network problems

*available with ProSBC

The platform for

TelcoBridges solutions
trusted worldwide by providers such as

ProSBC and FreeSBC Documentation


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