SBC Use Cases

Session Border Controller software performs many different and important roles in communications systems.   What follows is a few examples of common uses deployed in service providers and enterprises.

Peering SBC

Providing service provider to service provider connectivity, solving interoperability, traffic management and billing needs.

Access SBC

Facilitating and protecting user access to hosted applications, includin gIP-PBX, Contact Center, Conferencing/Collaboration, Unified Communications and more…

Real-Time Fraud Protection

Inspection of incoming and outgoing call traffic, measuring the associated risk of each call.  Integrating with a Real-Time Fraud Protection service provider.  Compatible with validated TelcoBridges Alliance Partners TransNexus and JeraSoft

Telecom Fraud Protection

Virtual Network Function (VNF) on uCPE

Providing intrusion protection and traffic management at the edge of a service provider network.

CPaaS SIP Trunking

Facilitating integration of various SIP trunking providers with major CPaaS platforms, including traffic management and load balancing. Compatible with Twilio, Telestax and Cloudonix

Software as a Service Access Security

Securing the access points for Software as a Service offerings.  With SIP/TLS and SRTP bypass, work-at-home or remote users can securely access hosted voice applications.

Software as a Service SIP Trunking

Resolving interoperability issues, providing traffic management and routing for SIP Trunking connectivity to major Software as a Service platforms.