TelcoBridges Warranty Information

Standard Warranty


TelcoBridges’ provides you with total peace of mind. Not only can you count on our product to be the most stable and reliable in the industry, you can also count on our comprehensive 12 month product warranty. This comprehensive warranty gives you more than just protection against defects in material and workmanship, it also goes further by providing you the following additional coverage (also applies to extended warranty):



Advanced RMA

Advanced RMA gives you peace of mind knowing that even in the unlikely event of a warranty claim,  TelcoBridges will send you a replacement product in advance of having received the warranted product. No need to wait for shipping, or for inspections. Just fill-in an RMA and we will immediately ship you a replacement product.


Software Upgrades

TelcoBridges has 2 types of software revisions:

  • Updates which optimize the current version’s features and capabilities. All of our products come with our TB Support Standard program. This support program includes software updates, thus ensuring that your current version is always running as smoothly as possible.
  • Upgrades which adds new features and capabilities to the current version. Upgrades allow you to take advantage of TelcoBridges latest developments, allowing your investment to grow as you do. This futurproofing service is only available for products that are under warranty. This includes extended warranty.


Extended Warranty


TelcoBridges offers you the possibility to extend your warranty beyond the standard 12 months. By extending your warranty you not only ensure that you continue to be protected against defects in material and workmanship, it also extends your advanced RMA privileges and access to software upgrades.

In order to continue to benefit from our comprehensive warranty coverage which includes advance RMA, and access to our latest software Upgrades it is important to keep your product covered with extended warranty.

Contact your TelcoBridges advisor today to learn more, or to extend your warranty.


Please consult our Product Warranty .PDF on TB wiki for the full terms & Conditions of our standard and extended warranty.