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Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks

TelcoBridges Tmedia Media Gateways, to be certified by Metaswitch for use with Call Feature Server (CFS)

TelcoBridges Tmedia Media Gateways (TMG) have long been used successfully by many service providers in networks with Metaswitch CFS, providing connectivity to TDM interconnect circuits and subscriber trunks.

Responding to shifting market trends and priorities, Metaswitch and TelcoBridges have collaborated to offer Tmedia Media Gateways as an Metaswitch certified alternative to the UMG media gateway portfolio.

“We are delighted to be certifying TelcoBridges to provide another media gateway option with proven interoperation with the Metaswitch Call Feature Server product family and integrated with the always-on diagnostic capability provided by our MetaView Service Assurance Server.”
– Joe Weeden, VP of Voice Core infrastructure at Metaswitch.

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Available Products:

Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks is a variant of the existing TMG platforms, providing a VoIP gateway solution to meet the needs of Carriers, CLECs, ILECs, ICX, Operators, MVNOs, MVNEs, and providers operating on Metaswitch Networks CFS/AGC/MGC.  With enhanced functionality, Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks adds alarm integration through MetaView Server (MVS), and integration with Service Assurance Server (SAS).

Tmedia for Metaswitch Products will be available early 2022.

TMG800 VoIP Media Gateway for Metaswitch

The TMG800 is software upgradeable from 1 to 16 T1/E1’s. The TMG800 is the most cost effective one box (1U) VoIP gateway solution.

TMG3200 VoIP Media Gateway for Metaswitch

The TMG3200 is our workhorse VoIP gateway. Internationally recognized for its uncompromising reliability, high-capacity and high-performance, the TMG3200 supports up to 64 T1/E1 (or 1 to 3 DS3, or 1 OC3/STM-1) port VoIP gateway that offers the industry’s highest density SS7 gateway in a single box (1U) solution.

TMG7800 VoIP Media Gateway for Metaswitch

The TMG7800. This multi-unit VoIP gateway solution is 100% redundant, ensuring an infallible, carrier-grade network.

Tmedia for Metaswitch Software Package

An optional software package, adding functionality to existing TMG products, making them compatible with Metaswitch CFS/AGC/MGC, alarm integration through MVS, and integration with SAS.

TelcoBridges Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks is ideally suited for:

  • Existing and new Metaswitch CFS networks requiring connectivity to SS7 networks, TDM interconnect, subscriber DS1, DS3, and STM1 interfaces
  • A scalable offering for small, medium, and large solutions
  • Alternative to Metaswitch 2510/3510 and ATCA-based media gateways
  • Excellent fit for expansions/additions to UMG gateway installations
  • A long-term solution, backed by TelcoBridges’ “no End-of-Life” policy.

With the recent announcement of collaboration between TelcoBridges and Metaswitch to certify Tmedia gateways for use with Metaswitch CFS, we imagine there are many questions. Listen in we address some of the anticipated questions and an opportunity for our live attendees to pose their own questions.

In this podcast with Doug Green, publisher of Telecom Reseller, Austin Spreadbury a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges discuss what’s behind Metaswitch certifying Tmedia gateways. Spreadbury brings with him insight from Metaswitch, today a Microsoft company. Among some major wins for carriers in this announcement are an ROI in savings that very quickly and measurably justifies the investment, and energy savings that will help organizations make their green goals.   Click here to listen

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