Tsig™ is TelcoBridges Signaling gateway family of products.

TelcoBridges Tsig are signaling gateways, capable of converting between SS7 and SIGTRAN telecommunications signaling protocols.   TelcoBridges Tsig scales from 1x SS7 signaling link to 64x SS7 signaling links in a single 1U chassis with either -48V or universal AC power supplies. Offered in optional fully redundant (1+1) configurations, providing high availability (HA) of over 99.999% availability.

Tsig Signaling / SIGTRAN Gateway


The TelcoBridges Tsig Signaling Gateway transfers signaling messages between Common Channel Signaling nodes (CCS) and/or between Signaling Transfer Points (STP). The Tsig signaling gateway performs packet level translation from SS7 signaling to SIGTRAN signaling.

It is capable of scaling from 1x SS7 signaling link to 64x SS7 signaling links in a single unit. It can be deployed fully redundant (1+1) providing high availability (HA) of over 99.999% availability.

The TelcoBridges Tsig Signaling Gateway is flexible and capable of deploying in several different environments. It provides a wide range of user adaptation layers such as:

  • SCTP
  • M2UA
  • M3UA
  • M2PA

Tsig Signaling / SIGTRAN Gateway

TSG800 Signaling Gateway

Tmedia VoIP Media Gateway TMG800

The TSG800 is software upgradeable from 1 to 16 T1/E1’s. The TSG800 1U solution is the most cost effective Signaling/SIGTRAN Gateway.

TSG3200 Signaling Gateway

Tmedia VoIP Media Gateway TMG3200

The TSG3200 is our workhorse Signaling gateway. Internationally recognized for its uncompromising reliability, high-capacity and high-performance, the TSG3200 is an 16 to 64 T1/E1 (or 1 to 3 DS3, or 1 OC3/STM-1) port Signaling gateway that offers the industry’s highest density SS7 gateway in a single box (1U) solution.

What is a Signaling Gateway or a SIGTRAN Gateway?

Signaling gateway / SIGTRAN gateway- definition,

A signaling gateway is a network component responsible for transmitting the information related to call establishment, billing, location, short messages, address conversion, and other services.

The signaling gateway function can also be included within the larger operational domain of a Signal Transfer Point (STP). Some units like the TelcoBridges Tsig Signaling gateway can function either without the use of a softswitch, or with a softswitch communicating using MEGACO or H.248.

Protocol conversion gateways can also convert from one network operational paradigm to another , such as, SIP to ISUP for call control, SIP to TCAP for address translation, or SIP to MAP for location or presence.