Ensuring an infallible, carrier-grade network

The TMG7800 is a multi-unit, VoIP gateway solution that is 100% redundant, ensuring an infallible, carrier-grade network.


Additionally, all of TelcoBridges’ Tmedia Gateways include the unique TB analytics suite of monitoring and diagnostic tools. This industry exclusive feature allows you to better manage and control your entire network. Learn more about TB analytics by clicking here, or contact one of our Trusted Advisors to discuss further.

Characteristics of the TMG7800:

  • 3 to 22U VoIP gateway per cluster
  • 512 to 32,768 VoIP channels per cluster
  • 16 to 1024 T1/E1 or 1 to 48 DS3 or 1 to 16 OC3/STM1 per cluster
  • Up to 4 clusters within a single TMG7800
  • Redundant AC or DC power supplies

Detailed product information:


TMG7800 data sheet