TelcoBridges Expands its Tmonitor Product Line for Service Providers Seeking to Deploy Network Monitoring, Lawful Intercept & Location-Based Services

TelcoBridges Announces the New Tmonitor TM2000 and TM3000 Real Time, High-Density Network Monitoring Solutions


(Los Angeles, California – ITEXPO West 2009) September 1, 2009:  TelcoBridges Inc., the preferred hardware and software supplier for telecom system integrators, solution developers and service providers, today announced the launch of its new Tmonitor TM2000™ and Tmonitor TM3000™ real time network monitoring devices, which detect, filter, and record all signaling and voice traffic, enabling solutions developers to develop next-generation network monitoring, lawful intercept and location-based services (LBS) applications.

Each new offering builds upon the high-capacity, non-intrusive capabilities of TelcoBridges’ Tmonitor TM1000 platform, with full-duplex monitoring, filtering, and analysis of network traffic, such as SS7 or ISDN signaling at line speed.

The new TM2000 quadruples the data capture capacity of the TM1000 (increasing the number of HDLC controllers from 512 to 2048), while maintaining the ability to monitor up to 64 T1/E1/J1 as with the TM1000
The TM3000 is TelcoBridges’ highest capacity offering, with OC3/STM-1 support in place of T1/E1/J1 connections, as well as dedicated voice-recording capacity.  Multiple TM2000 or TM3000 devices can be clustered together in one or more facilities to provide unlimited scalability

Unlike software-based solutions running on the core network fabric, Tmonitor devices impose no additional traffic or load in order to capture pertinent data.  And unlike hardware probes, the Tmonitor devices act in a stealthy manner, without introducing latency or altering the stream of communications on the network.

Each of TelcoBridges’ Tmonitor solutions provides a big-picture view of the network, helping service providers meet operational and regulatory requirements, while enabling them to monetize the data generated by activity on their networks.  Tmonitor solutions address three specific markets:

Network Monitoring:
The Tmonitor family helps service providers continuously monitor their networks to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations for capacity and responsiveness.  They also support applications such as mobile network optimization, call record reconciliation, fraud detection, and roaming subscriber detection & capture.  All Tmonitor solutions support multi-vendor environments, by tapping into the network communications trunks instead of the underlying hardware.

Lawful Intercept:
Lawful intercept activities, such as wiretapping, are legal requirements mandated by the government.  Such compliance has increased the cost of network operations without delivering upside to the provider.  Software or hardware deployed on a subset of a network consumes resources normally dedicated to call connection and control.  But TelcoBridges’ Tmonitor solutions enable service providers to tap into networks without being noticed by the target, to address lawful intercept requirements without causing latency, signal disruption, or affecting overall system performance.

Location-Based Services:
While the technologies that support LBS were initially put in place to support E-911 regulations in the US, TelcoBridges’ Tmonitor devices enable mobile service providers to further monetize the activity of their subscribers.

TelcoBridges enables service providers to capture, aggregate, and analyze the flood of data crossing their networks in real-time, by using voice and SMS signaling data to triangulate the position of thousands of users at the same time, without the need to send additional requests over the network.  This enables the development of new “on-deck” applications, or the sale of data to third-party application developers, without impacting performance or quality of service to the customers.  Specific LBS applications that can be developed with Tmonitor devices include real-time road traffic reports; location-specific advertising; location-specific SMS search and customer service; vehicle insurance compliance applications; and a host of social networking applications.

“One of our mobile carrier customers, with a subscriber base of 15 million users, has deployed our Tmonitor technology to capture signaling traffic and handset positional data, which they have monetized, by sharing it with a third-party LBS application provider,” said Danny P. Blouin, TelcoBridges’ VP of Marketing.  “Our newest monitoring solutions round out our product line, enhancing the TelcoBridges value proposition for solutions developers and mobile operators around the globe.”

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