NEWS: Huawei UMG8900 is End-of-Life! 

SOLUTION: Drop-in replacements from TelcoBridges

Yes, the Huawei UMG8900 is now EOM and the team at TelcoBridges is eager to help you with your Huawei replacement project. We’ve done it for others and are ready to help you too!

Benefits of working with TelcoBridges TMG media gateways as a replacement:

  • Drop-in replacement for Huawei UMG8900 media gateways
  • Extensive interoperability with leading softswitch platforms, supporting H.248, SIP, SIGTRAN and SIP-I signaling
  • Wide range of densities from a single T1/E1 to 16 OC3/STM-1 in a single unit
  • Support continuous operation at 100% capacity
  • The industry’s most reliable & stable gateways, boasting over five nines (99.999%) availability
  • Optional 1+1 and N+1 High Availability
  • Available 24/7 hardware and software support plans 
  • Compact chassis and power efficiency reduces space and power requirements is easy to manage
  • Experienced in managing and implementing replacement projects
  • Designed and Made in Canada

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